Are you a grouch?

October 13th, 2015 · 198 comments

Pro tip: if the sound of children’s laughter on a Sunday afternoon makes you curse the sky in rage, you might want to check yourself before you turn into a full-fledged cartoon villain. It might be too late for the “concerned” notewriter below.

A crude experiment

"A crude experiment"

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Song of the PANflute

October 1st, 2015 · 37 comments

After a week-long “concert series” carried through the building’s heating system, Brad in Montreal says one of his fellow apartment-dwellers posted this desperate plea.

If you're in this building, Fucking PANFLUTE, STOP!!! Please! I beg you, stop!

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I see what you did there.

September 21st, 2015 · 55 comments

In one Nova Scotia office kitchen, frustration with this…


Led to this…

I see what you did there.


Meanwhile, in Boca Raton…


And then, of course, there’s the MIT approach:


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Straight Outta Crestwood (Kentucky)

September 9th, 2015 · 44 comments

Writes our anonymous submitter: “Pity the fools of the Crestwood, Kentucky ‘Crips.’ They can’t even scare old ladies.”

Dear Crips:  I am a nervous old lady with a .38 revolver.  Please do not write on my home. T Y :)

Dear Crips:  I am a nervous old lady with a .38 revolver.  Please do not write on my home. T Y :)

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Is one of the Ashley Madison hackers living under your own roof?

August 27th, 2015 · 53 comments

A mother in Bellevue, Nebraska found these notes in her “drawer of fun.” (Looks like somebody wants a new little brother or sister!)

Don't you dare use these otherwise I will go public on you. My siblings know already

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Sorry, I’m not an expert in con(ifer) law

August 25th, 2015 · 56 comments

Since spotting this sign in her Seattle neighborhood, Bethany has been trying to imagine what sort of “legal issues” these pine trees could have created. Any ideas?

Sorry, I am not an expect in con(ifer) law

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So much for functional design, huh?

August 20th, 2015 · 43 comments

“Someone at work left a giant box of these post-it notes in our break room,” says Kat in Austin: “ (Any guesses as to why they’re not flying off the shelves?)

So much for functional design, huh?

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Think, people! How can we make our meetings even less productive?

August 14th, 2015 · 96 comments

Says Lem in Queensland, Australia: “Everyone at my local council always says they’re super busy. I figure it’s because they’re ‘busy’ creating extra signs to put up around the office.”

Do you intend using this room? Have you correctly made a booking? Do you intend to correct your oversight by booking the room? Have you successfully booked the room? Will your meeting be productive?

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Anonymous collaborative “problem-solving”

August 5th, 2015 · 21 comments

Writes our submitter in Seattle: “One of the refrigerators in the workplace kitchen was smelling a bit foul. A tragedy of the commons situation turns comical…and, apparently, passive-aggressive.”

Anonymous collaborative "problem-solving"

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July 24th, 2015 · 59 comments

Writes our anonymous submitter from Michigan: “Yesterday, one of our salespeople was observed playing Angry Birds on her phone – with her headphones on to hear the game sounds. Today, this sign showed up  in the sales office.”

Angry Birds tournament today. High score wins a permanent vacation. Good luck!

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